Jasontech is a registered Production company established in 2017 but started in 2015 after Terry Kheswa vowed to honor his late brother named Jason by creating a company that would empower our home country and tell the stories of South Africa to the world. How we would do that is by growing with local based talents and improve our technology to 1st world standards through a long journey of Learning, Producing, and Teamwork. We started small. Connecting with the people we knew. Worked with local projects and offered our services to disadvantaged entrepreneurs. But with quality teamwork and dedication. We could grow with our partners and achieve goals faster than what we could achieve alone. Jasontech represents the mechanism of community, interlocking with the gears of hard work and determination and connects with other companies to power through more objectives allowing an economy to have a powerful tool of development. The more powerful the community. The more powerful the economy.
We are staffed with amazing artists who put time and dedication into multiple forms of picture animation. We can bring multiple art forms to life in the form of frame animation, pop up animation, 3D animation and so much more.
We started out as a little graphic design company with the ability to print T-shirts and fabrics apart from the usual corporate identity printing and social media marketing. We make sure that your business is provided with the best and cheapest service you could ask for as we understand how hard it is to start a business and how long it takes to get it flowing. Jasontech is about the relationship of growth. We provide design of business cards, portfolios, flyers, stickers, labels, websites, and merchandise.
Graphic design
We have the right equipment to do the right job. Quality is our currency and JASONTECH will show you how wealthy we are when it comes to quality We can provide dynamic photography and videography We can edit and render videos in any format We can provide drone photography and videography.